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Mini Lush Haul :: Love Lettuce Review

I had the pleasure of going in to Lush today and purchasing the Love Lettuce face mask along with two bath bombs (sex bomb & sakura). As always the staff was wonderful, happy and upbeat along with the undoubtedly willingness to help.

Sex Bomb :: Bath Bomb

Contains jasmine absolute, one of Mother Nature's most potent and seductive aphrodisiacs.
Jasmine, clary sage and ylang ylang to make you feel like a lover. The power of these aphrodisiac oils lies in their ability to relax you at the same time as warming your heart and other body parts. The ancient perfumers of the Mediterranean knew a thing or two about lurve and we're using the methods they used thousands of years ago for the same results.

Named after the maestro of swagger: Mr Jones.
Detonate a Sex Bomb for an intimate evening at home with soya milk for soft, creamy skin. Top it off with Fever Massage Bar to get the temperature soaring and pulses racing.

Sakura :: Bath Bomb

Fragrance in bloom.
Like the blossom in a Tokyo park on a spring afternoon. The Sakura Bath Bomb is perfumed with mimosa and jasmine to give you the joyful feeling of springtime, whenever you need it. Noriko, one of our product inventors, hails from Japan, and this Bath Bomb represents what it's like to be in a park while the breeze blows through the blossoms in the trees.

I left my heart in Tokyo.
When the blossom bursts forth in late spring, it's the tradition to take a picnic and a bottle of sake to the park and enjoy its beauty, while getting slowly sozzled. Or you could have a bath instead.

Fine sea salt
The fine sea salt is used to decorate Sakura, creating a striking visual effect.

While I haven't had the chance to use these yet. I'm hoping the results are as high as my expectations. I've heard several reviews on them and hope I can join the group in raving about this products. But until then lets talk about the other goody I bought.

Love Lettuce :: Face Mask

Scrub me tender
Love Lettuce is our most exfoliating mask that scoops up dirt, oil and debris and washes it all away. Exfoliation is an important part of good skincare, as it removes the buildup of dead skin that can clog your pores and cause imbalances. With scrubby ground almonds and absorbent kaolin to tighten pores, Love Lettuce leaves your face feeling brand new.

Everyone loves lettuce
Suitable for all skin types; Love Lettuce is a great example of how very few ingredients can make a fresh, effective product that is fantastic for the skin. We blend in fresh seaweed to nourish and soften with 100% pure French lavender oil to balance an oily T-zone and ease any inflammation. Use Love Lettuce for bright, fresh skin that glows from the inside out.

Honey has been used as a skin ointment for over 2000 years. A natural humectant (it attracts and retains moisture,) we use honey in Love Lettuce because it acts as a wonderful, gentle moisturizer.

I used this tonight for the first time. As this products are made with fresh ingredients you have to keep it in the fridge. After taking a hot shower, this felt amazing being applied to my skin. The mashed up bits of almond felt wonderful as I lathered the mask on. It didn't smell awful either. (A huge plus) The instruction tell you to apply the mask and wait 5-10 minutes. I chose to wait the 10 minutes. As the mask started to dry I could feel my skin tightening. Not that uncomfortable tightening you get when you apply face masks and you are afraid to move your face cause it might fall off but the tightening of my skin and reduction of pore size. As a person who suffers from random acts of sensitive skin I was very please I had no irritation from the mask and after removing it with warm water my skin looked brite and refreshed. 

While this was just a first time use I can't wait to use it again. I also think I will be going back to explore the other face masks they carry. I'll also post a blog about the bath bombs when I finally get a chance to dissolve in a bath with them. Until then stay fresh!

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