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Candy Cane White Hot Chocolate

Back with another recipe for you lovely ladies and gents! This time I found my recipe from the lovely Kandee Johnson! (Her links we'll be at the end of the post) You may have seen her on YouTube or even from her blog. This mom of 4 is a whirl wind! Makeup, hair and quirky to boot! Check her blog out for updates on her every day life and tips and tricks for beauty.

Kandee Johnson ©

1 1/4 Cup White Chocolate Chips
3/4 Heavy Whipping Cream
1/4 Milk
1 teaspoon Vanilla Extract
1 Tablespoon Peppermint Extract
Candy Canes for stir-stick garnish

1. In a medium saucepan, mix white chocolate chips and heavy whipping cream over medium heat. Keep stirring until all the chips are melted.
2. Add in the half and half, milk and vanilla and peppermint extract. Keep on stirring til it all mixed, melted and warm!
3. Then you can top with whipped cream
4. Put a candy cane in each cup


  • I toned the pepperminty-ness down for you guys, but I like to put 2 Tablespoons
  • I like the Guittard or Ghirardelli kind for the white chocolate chips
  • 1 quart or 4 cups Half and Half *half and half is a mixture of half cream and milk that's sold in the dairy section- you could just use 2 more cups of milk and and 2 cups of cream or heavy whipping cream to substitute
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