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Featured Video :: Eureka Chicago

OMG! I am ecstatic to say the the How To :: Red Carpet Curls with Jacquelyn Marie is Eureka Chicago's featured video today! I'm still all squeally and I found out over an hour ago! Check it out! So exciting!!

I even did a screen shot so I have record of it. .:Nerd Herd:. = ]

This is seriously huge guys! And me and Jacquelyn are so thankful for all your reposting and views! And since you guys seemed to like the video so much after getting it to over 400 view in less than 48 hours we decided to bring you another video! So stay tuned for the video to post!

Thank you guys seriously so much! If it weren't for you guys I probably would be doing these videos still.

I almost forgot! We also reached 100 subscribers! And as promised I will be hosting a giveaway details coming soon!

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