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Friday Favorites!

With the holidays in site I almost didn't have time to do this weeks Friday favorites! Oopsy! So before I diving in to make more kolachkies I decided I better get my weeks favorites out! Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas full of family and love! Hope Santa gets you everything you were hoping for!

Favorite Quote: Read this quote this week and felt empowered and knew I had to share!

Favorite Treat: Pretzel Cookies! I know this was my treat last week to but I can not stop eating these things! [Recipe here]

Favorite Indulgence: I absolutely love burning candles something is just relaxing and romantic about a candle lite room let alone a room that smells amazing to! And with the holidays my favorite candle to burn is Christmas Cookie or Cookies for Santa from Yankee Candle, hell I love burning it all year! It just plain smells delicious!

Favorite Shoe: Not really about the shoe this week it all about that white lace detail! Bet you thought it was part of the shoe but its not! It's a new and cool thing to help you reinvent you heel! They're called Heel Condoms and they're AMAZING and affordable! [Check them out HERE]

Favorite Laugh: Bet you thought you'd get away with out seeing a corgi this post huh? Well you're wrong! This friday's favorite laugh is brought to by another corgi! LOL


  1. I love that quote!!! That would make an awesome sidepiece tattoo. :) Love your blog!

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  2. Thanks! I checked yours out and followed! Very interesting blog, I look forward to any of your future posts!