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Last Friday Favorite of 2011!

If you haven't already figured out by the title this well be my last Friday Favorites post of 2011. I can not believe this year is over already! Me and Gregory decided that we were going to do our New Years celebrating tonight. It just seemed crazy spending double the money to do it tomorrow when its half the price to do it tonight. 

We're going to do dinner and iPic Theater. It's pretty cool! We get to sit in these super big Lazyboy style chairs that recline and get fuzzy blankets and pillows! Decided to go see the new Sherlock Holmes - Game of Shadows. Hope its good, well see! I always miss the last 15-20 minutes of the first one cause I conk out LOL. Not that the first one is bad, I just can't seem to stay awake for the whole movie HAHA! For New Year's Eve we plan on just hanging out at the house and ringing in the new year playing video games and chilling with a friend out ours. We're not really into the whole getting belligerently drunk and making fools of our selves. Plus when I drink I have patience for all of 2 seconds before I want to slap a moron so it's not exactly smart to go out tomorrow. HAHA!

But anywho! Lets get to the point of this post! What am I loving this week?!

Favorite Quote: My plan for 2012! LOL!

Favorite Treat: Lasagna! I could seriously eat it 365 days a year! Love the stuff! NOM NOM NOM!

Favorite Indulgence: Shopping! With all the gift cards I got for christmas I can't seem to do enough shopping lately LOL Although I have been doing it online. It's a lot less crowded then going to the mall.

Favorite Shoe: New shoes just bought yesterday! Love this and they were only $20!

Favorite Laugh: I seriously just can't get enough of these adorable Corgis! Hoping in the coming year I will have one of my own! <3

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