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Friday Favorites

Well here we are again another friday except its not one of those WOOHOO its friday kind of days.... Why you maybe wonder would I not be excited for it to be friday? Because from 9am this morning till 12am Saturday morning, Chicago is under a winter advisory warning because of a stupid snow storm


If you can't tell I can not stand snow. Its all fine and dandy, pretty even however trying to drive in it is a freaking joke! I swear every year it's like people forget what this white stuff falling from the sky is... Now don't get me wrong, I'm all for driving safely in this weather. I know it can be dangerous and a lot of car accidents do indeed happen. However, you can drive faster than 5mph and not injure yourself....

But lets get on to the good stuff, the friday favorites!

Favorite Quote:

Favorite Treat: Cookie dough balls with out the raw egg. Now no guilt for doing what I've been doing since I've been 2 years old! Haha!

Favorite Indulgence: I seriously loose hours of my life on Pinterst! I can not get enough of the site!

Favorite Shoe: Thought these were just to cute!

Favorite Laugh: As funny as this is, it's also sad cause it's true.

Source: via Ann Marie on Pinterest

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