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How To :: Press Pigments or Fix Broken Eyeshadows

You ever take your makeup bag out of your purse just to find your favorite eyeshadow has shattered?

I have and learned quickly how to fix this problem. I'm going to teach you how to repair this would be disasters problem.

What you'll need:
Crafting board
Rubbing Alcohol
Shattered Eyeshadow
Empty container
Something to mix the shadow
Cotton balls & Q Tips
Paper Towel
Blow Dryer (optional)

  1. Sanitizing the container you want to hold your pressed eyeshadow. You can doing this buy soaking a cotton ball with rubbing alcohol. You can use the q tips to get the corners. Allow to dry.
  2. Step 2 - Place your shattered eyeshadow into your container
  3.  Slowly (and I do mean SLOWLY) start to pour rubbing alcohol into the container.
  4. Start mixing it. At first it will be clumpy. That is okay. Your best bet is to get all the powder wet so you don't get a powder cloud.
  5. Once you get the powder to a clumpy goo substance start to add more rubbing alcohol. (Don't worry about over adding R.A. it will dry up anyway. However it does add to the set time)
  6. After you've gotten the eyeshadow mixed completely into a liquid form give it a light tap just so you have a smooth top surface.
  7. Now you have to options there. You can either A: use your blow dryer to speed up the drying process or B: let air dry. (I don't have that kind of patience.) Turning your blow dryer on its low setting (if you put it on high...well you'll defiantly be wearing your eyeshadow just not the way you really want to....take my word for it...) Note: This speeds up the process but won't completely dry the shadow.
  8. Allow to dry over night. (Awful I know! Why can't it just dry... like...NOW?!)
  9. Now take your dry eyeshadow and place your paper towel (or you can use a textured fabric scrap if you'd like a prettier texture) inside the container and use the coin to press the eyeshadow. This compacts the shadow so its strong Note: THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT TO DO!!
  10. Enjoy your newly formed eyeshadow! YAY!
Images Below of the steps.

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