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1st Fashion Photoshoot

So on Sunday I had the pleasure of accompanying my resident "How To Hair" girl Jacquelyn Marie to a photo shoot shot by the wonderful Marcin Tomaszczyk as a hair & makeup assistant. After I got over the initial panic of going to my first photo shoot.  I have to admit it had to single handedly been the coolest thing ever! Not only did I have a blast and got to help and play with hair & makeup but I met a lot of cool people. The pictures came out phenomenal!

We got to the studio around 11am to get everything set up and because Jacquelyn and I can never be in a room together with out messing around with hair or makeup she did my hair up. (Hey I can't always rock a messed up ponytail/bun thing on top of my head, right?!) First to arrive was the stylist Malachi Artese an up and coming high fashion sunglass designer.

The first model to arrive was one of Teen Vogue's fashion blogger & model Rachel-Marie who writes the fashion blog Jag Lever! You may have even seen some of her looks on Look Book! She also brought her husband Gareth along who is also a photographer. He's from the UK and was a lot of fun to chat with as both of us have an avid interest in design. Our next and final model was Kirdy Luiz who is a yoga instructor and model for Elite. Both these girls were awesome and a lot of fun.

After all was said and done I walked in my door at midnight but I will tell you something... That has to be one of the coolest 13 hours of my life! A big THANK YOU to Jacquelyn Marie & Marcin Tomaszcyk for bringing me along on this amazing adventure! I'll include a sneak peak of some but check my Facebook page for more! [Here]

Photo Credit: Marcin Tomaszcyk
Photo Credit: Marcin Tomaszcyk

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