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Friday Favorites

AHA! Here we are, another friday has finally come. I swear this week felt like forever. Between this goofy weather, my appliances running amuck at home and my sinuses being crazy because of this weather this week has been anything but dull! Also this week we received an extra day in the month of February due to leap year. My grandma actually got her birthday this year she would have technically been 20. That was always fun as a kid saying I had a grandma who was 16. You wouldn't believe the looks you'd get. LOL! But any who lets get into this weeks favorites!

Favorite Quote:

Favorite Treat: Doesn't this look yummy?!

Favorite Indulgence: Pinterest! Serious lose 2-3 hours a night on that site. But I can't get enough of it!

Favorite Shoe: Aren't these adorable?! I need to get these! Anyone know where I can get them??
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Favorite Laugh: I serious LOLed for a good 5 minutes.

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