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Friday Favorites

First off I want to say YAY! It's our 100th post!

I swear this week flew by! Anyone else agree? I have to admit though it was a pretty epic week. Chicago hit around 67 degrees and the sun was shining and we have our first spring style thunderstorm. Need less to say spring is in the air and I couldn't be any happier!

It should also prove to be an exciting weekend I get to finally get my white iPhone 4S, Gregory is washing and waxing Winston (Winston would be my jeep) and I get to hang out with my two little nail minions tonight. Yeah, I'm definitely excited for the weekend! You have anything exciting planned this weekend?

Favorite Quote:

Favorite Treat: NOM! This delicious little morsels are one of my favorites! Best time to eat them is right out of the oven with some butter! DELICIOUS!

Favorite Indulgence: You can never have enough purses in your life! I seriously think my purse collection rivals my makeup collection even!

Favorite Shoe: Okay, cat is out of the bag. Yes I am a Twilight fan but look at those beauties! $1,295 of gorgeousness!! Tempted to skip a fancy wedding dress and go for the fab shoes instead! LOL

Favorite Laugh: Oh yeah and I like Harry Potter too.. LOL

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