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Mani Monday :: Chipped & Cracked

Welcome to another Mani Monday! Today's manicure is brought to you by the results of: comet, soft scrub, bleach, mold & mildew remover and what ever other cleaning supplies I've been using since thursday to make our new home spotless! LOL

As you can tell my poor nails have taken a beating and I haven't had a chance to paint them. But that's okay cause I'm super excited to be almost in the house. Still have some stuff to move in then hopefully we'll start sleeping there versus feeling like its a permeant cleaning punishment HAHA!

I hope to have a little house tour video together soon. I've been attempting to vlog while working at the house so I'm excited to share that with you lovlies, so stay tuned for that!

So on this super duper Monday what color are you ladies rocking on your nails?

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