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Mani Monday :: Essie - Dive Bar

Good morning everyone! Time to make the doughnuts! (I never really understood why people say this...)

It's time to get back in gear from the weekend and as usual I really didn't want to get out of bed this morning I mean who really wants to wake up and leave their comfortable bed at 7am? Oh well adulthood & responsibility prevail!

Today's manicure was borrowed from another fellow blogger & new YouTuber Emily, a 9 year old who's obsessed with nail polish and has nails I'm seriously jealous of! Go send her some love!

Essie - Dive Bar (Flash)

Essie - Dive Bar (Natural Lighting)
I'm seriously in love with this color! The duo-chrome effect is has always leaves you guess what color it exactly is. Black, blue, green, purple... All of the above?

As with all Essie polishes the formula is wonderful and goes on smooth and opec. I opted to go for two coats and my favorite top coat (inm - out the door) and these babies have been kicking since Friday with no chips! I seriously am going to have to go out and buy myself this color! 

1 comment:

  1. Love the color!! I have been wanting to give Essie a try - I think it will be in my next Ulta run!