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Late Friday Favorites

You ever feel like you're having a case of the mean reds? Where the only way to solve it is to go to Tiffany's and your day will be all better? (Breakfast at Tiffany's reference much?)

... No? Me neither..

We can all dream but some times you just have to put your head up and take the day on. Today seemed to be one of those days which is why I'm just now getting a chance to post this, and what better way to cheer yourself up then looking at some fabulous favorites?

Favorite Quote: Words of Wisdom I could have used for today...

Favorite Treat: My obsession as of lately!

Favorite Indulgence: Planning for Fall

Favorite Shoe: I don't care how unnecessary they may be or how ridiculous I will look, I want a pair of Tiffany Blue Wellies!! <3

Favorite Laugh: I swear Snoopy was my first love...after Red Puppy that is... (Not Clifford... never mind...)

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