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Mani Monday :: OPI You Don't Know Jacques

This Mani Monday was a difficult one to put it mildly. I decided I wanted to try and "spice" up my nails and opted to go with the Dita Von Teese manicure otherwise known as the Half Moon Manicure.

I painted my nails in the gorgeous Revlon Lily for the base and over laid OPI :: You Don't Know Jacques over it. Hoping I had enough patience for my base color to be completely dry and that the manicure would turn out well.. And as usual I was greatly disappointed in the results. Not to mention Saturday evening I had attempted to paint my nails and got frustrated and removed the polish all together after multiple smudges and nicks to the polish.

Deciding I didn't want to end up hulk raging and flipping my gorgeous new Ikea desk, I just removed the goopy thick half moon manicure and went with a simple two coat You Don't Know Jacques. The color never fails me and remains beautiful but I can't help but want to liven up my finger nails. This is when my best friend Jacquelyn Marie suggested purchasing some nail design brushes (Why didn't I think of that before?! DUH!) So I headed on over to eBay when I was able to find a 15 pack nail brush set shipped for $2.78. Now the 3 week wait to get them in for China. (I'll keep you posted)

So now that I'm sure you're dying to seem the images (Unless you follow me on Instagram [NskiBeauty] then you've seen them already) Here's this week's mani!

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