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Mani Monday :: Confetti - Masquerade Ball

So the color to be this season is Oxblood. And while that may seem kind of scary the color is simply gorgeous. Think of it as a deep burgundy color. While I prefer the color in a more matte / cream tone versus shimmery or frosty today's manicure is really gorgeous!

Confetti :: Masquerade Ball (Flash)

Confetti :: Masquerade Ball (In Door)

Confetti :: Masquerade Ball (Direct Light)
I decided to try out a Confetti polish I've had for God knows how long and have to say I was pretty skeptical on how the color pay off and formula would be. I tend to gravitate to OPI, China Glaze and Essie cause I know that the color pay off and formula are always wonderful even if the price isn't.

After looking up Confetti because I really couldn't remember anything about the polish. Where I bought it from? How much was it? Turns out Confetti is carried in CVS Pharmacy stores and sells for ... Are you ready for this...? $1.99! Yes, this gorgeous color on my nails was only $1.99!

I did my normal routine for this polish as I would with any other polish. Base coat (Seche Clear Base Coat), 2 coats of polish and then finish off with INM's Out The Door. I'm not gonna lie I am pretty impressed with this polish! I had a pretty opaque color after just one coat and apply the second coat just made the color all the better! The only down side I found with the polish is the brush applicator was kind of wonky and cut on an angle and curved... It's hard to explain but I have a feeling I got a funky brush. (Not sure though.)

Over all I'm in love with this color and brand and definetely see myself getting more Confetti in the future!

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