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Not So Mani Monday :: Naked Nails?

Good morning! We've begun a new week and in 7 days Santa will be visiting all the good little girls and boys! Can anyone else not get over how quickly these year flew by?!

Unfortunately I don't have a wonderful polish or nail art to show today as Little Miss Eleanor kept me quite busy over the weekend and when I finally attempted to paint my nails (I went for China Glaze's Glistening Snow). I had just finished apply my top coat and BAM bumped into something and smeared my nails. After being up any where from 5-6am all weekend my patients is quite thin so I just opted with a Seche Vite Base Coat and called it a night!

 So instead of pretty nails to show off this Mani Monday I'll share an adorable picture of my little trouble maker and try and come up with something fun for a Tuesday post!

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