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Saturday Sensations Pt. 2

Well it's bright and early Saturday morning (7:30am) and I just realized I forgot to write my Friday Favorites post. I know I didn't do a Mani Monday this week either but Monday was Christmas Eve and the holidays are quite crazy so I didn't get a chance to post! But I promise we'll be back on schedule from here on out! I'm hoping to even film & edit a video on my four day holiday break from work! FINGERS CROSSED! But lets get into what I was digging this week!

Favorite Quote: Words to live by!

Favorite Indulgence: Rose Gold! Simply gorgeous!

Favorite Treat: Thinking about tackling a homemade Spagetti & Meatball recipe tonight. Any suggestions?!

Favorite Shoe: These would be suburb in royal blue!

Favorite Laugh: HAHAHAHA YES!!!

But now it is of course past 9:00am and I have been dealing with a spoiled puppy & Pinterest giving me repetitive 502 errors... Hope this isn't the beginning of a long day?

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