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Mani Monday :: Emerald Gradient

Happy Monday everyone! Today's Monday is extra special today as I was very productive last night and have a tutorial to go along with this weeks mani!

With Pantone's announcement that Emerald was the color of the year it got me thinking: "What can I incorporate into my life to use this wonderful color?" I'm a HUGE emerald fan, I'm even starting to think about adding the color to my wardrobe this year. My first feat in that though would to be get my lazy but off my sweatpants kick. I honestly own six pays of sweat pants to one pay of jeans... That's kind of scary right?! Oh well what can you do?

I suppose I could work it into a New Year's Resolution or something but I never like to make those as I've NEVER followed through with one ever... Kind of pathetic really but with the new year and knowing that eight months from now I will have to look my best as it will be my wedding day! (WOOHOO I GET TO FINALLY BECOME MRS. DELFAB!) What better way to get myself prepped for the biggest & glamorous day of my life then working on my appearance as the year goes on?

So with that being said this year I'm going to work towards a more fashionable Ann Marie! But enough blabbing about my sad wardrobe life and on to the mani!

Emerald Gradient using: Revlon - Lunar & China Glaze - Argo

What I used:
Sally Hansen Hard as Nails - Hardener
Seche Clear - Crystal Clear Base Coat
Revlon - Lunar
China Glaze - Argo
Seche Vite - Dry Fast Top Coat
Triangle Makeup Sponge

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