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Mani Monday :: Indecisive Color Choice

Over the weekend I got what I thought was a fabulous color combination in my head a just had to get it on to my nails. I decided to use Revlon's Lunar and using my glitter gradient technique I used China Glaze's All That Glitters for the tips.
Revlon - Lunar & China Glaze - All That Glitters
It turned out pretty and I was enjoying it but I felt it was to dark with all gray we seem to experience in February. I wanted to do something different Sunday evening while Gregory and I were watching a movie hanging out on the couch.

So I asked him to pick a color. He called out green as I was ascending the stairs to go grab a color and I asked what kind of green and he said: "mint, like a shamrock shake!". So that gave me my next mani for this week, Revlon's Minted.
Revlon - Minted
 It's a pretty color and I'm loving the minty pastel hue but I was disappointed with the coverage of the color. I had to apply three coats to get a fully opaque coat but perhaps that will be a perk and will last me the full week?

Then again who am I kidding?! My China Glaze Avant Garden polishes will be here on Tuesday and I'm so excited I'm hoping to have all the swatches for my Wednesday post! So stay tuned for that!

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