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Mani Monday :: A Whole Lot of Color...

So over the weekend I seemed to have gotten a case of the "I don't know what color I want on my nails". So I decided to share ALL of the looks I have today!

Friday evening, I made my third attempt at the Dita Von Teese's half moon manicure after watching Let Them Have Polish's Tutorial and was semi pleased with the results.

Nailtini - Frappe & OPI - I'm Not Really A Waitress
For the base I used Nailtini - Frappe and then applied OPI - I'm Not Really A Waitress  Which still remains to be my FAVORITE red polish of all time! Then Saturday I stumbled across a series on YouTube called The Avenue which has Gregory Gorgeous in it. In the opening credits Rachel has on lavender polish and after watching ALL the episodes available I HAD to paint my nails lavender. Of course I reached for my favorite lavender polish, Revlon - Lily. You remember I had such an obsession with it last spring? Yeah, I think its back!

Revlon - Lily
Now on Sunday I was finally able to paint Gregory & I's bedroom after living in the house eight months and constantly changing my mind and what color I wanted to paint it we finally decided what colors! So I spent my Super Bowl Sunday taping, edging and paint and am still not done so I don't have the final results for you. I do however have what your nails look like after you've been painting all day!

Kind of reminds me of the paint spatter manicure but not at the same time! HAHA! So yeah that about sums up my indecisive Mani Monday! Do you ever get this manic about your polish color?

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