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China Glaze Spring 2013 Avant Garden Collection Swatches

I wanted to do something different for this week's Mani Monday. I've had the swatches on the colors Gregory purchased me for Valentine's day this year for some time and haven't had a chance to get the post together. So what better time to show these babies off then Mani Monday?

I got eight of the twelve colors available in this collection: Snap My Dragon; Mimosa's Before Mani's; Keep Calm, Paint On; Fade Into Hue; Sunday Funday; Fancy Pants; Tart-y For The Party and Dandy Lyin' Around.

I was pretty excited when my polishes arrived, I ordered for the first time from Eighty Eight Beauty Supply and was extremely pleased with the service. I had fast shipping and the packaging was AMAZING! There was no way these beauties were breaking! They had the colors placed in the China Glaze boxes with newspaper stuffed between each bottle, wrapped in bubble wrap them packed with more paper. Not to mention the awesome prices!! Seriously go check it out!

Snap My Dragon
Snap My Dragon is a fun and shimmer pop of
pink! While it totally blows the whole pastel,
calm color out of the equation. Not that I'm
complaining! This pink will look super adorable
on my toes when flip flop season rolls around.
Two coats were applied for swatch.

Mimosa's Before Mani's
Mimosa's Before Mani's actually made it's
debut on last week's Mani Monday. It's a nice
and smooth creamy consistency that gave me
a nice opaque finish with two coats. I love the
color with my skin tone as well. Gosh, it really
does make me want summer to come!

Keep Calm, Paint On
Keep Calm, Paint On is a shimmery mint green
that is simply DARLING! I love the subtle hint
of shimmer this polish has and while it may not
be emerald, mint is SUPER in for this coming
season! I'm even currently rocking it on my
finger nails as we speak!

Fade Into Hue
Fade Into Hue is a fun grey toned periwinkle.
I've always been a fan of periwinkle since I
was a kid. It was one of my favorite crayon
colors even! The formula was nice and creamy
as well as opaque after two coats. This was
one of the few colors I purchased that didn't
have a simmer to it.

Sunday Funday
Sunday Funday is another one of those POP
colors in the collection and much to my delight
is SUPER pigmented and opaque. So much so
that I only needed to apply one coat for my
swatch. Yes, the firm two coat girl only needed
one coat for this fabulous bright blue.

Tart-y For The Party
We all know my love for lavender purple right?
I was scarily obsessed with Revlon's Lily for
months on end when I purchased it. Well I
think it is safe to say move on over Lily, Tart-y
For The Party is finally here and looking
fabulous! This was the second polish in the
collection I purchased that didn't have a shimmer
in it and I'm completely okay with it. In fact I'm
in love with it!

Fancy Pants
Oh, Fancy Pants you darling, darling color! This
color has to be the most dynamic of the collection.
Why you might ask? Well this is exactly why this
is the only swatch that has two pictures. I HAD to
share what it looked like with a flash. She's really
a dream! This purply/blue polish has a subtle
shimmer of pinks and yellows in it. It really is a
gorgeous color!

Dandy Lyin' Around
Dandy Lyin' Around has to be my favorite
white polish of all time! It has an amazing
shimmer to it that so many white polishes
lack. It is a big shear but with three coats
should give you a full coverage. In the
picture I have applied my standard two coats.

Which color is your favorite in the collection? I can honestly say I'm stumped on a favorite but I can say I absolutely ADORE this collection. Definitely a wonderful Valentine's gift! Thank you Gregory!

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