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Friday Favorites

Happy Friday everyone!!! I'm super excited this Friday because after work begins Gregory's Birthday celebration weekend! I'll be going home and making him funfetti cupcakes with green frosting as it is also St. Patrick's Day as well!

We plan on going downtown to see the Chicago River dyed green and hanging out in the city. That's about all we have figured out thus far but I'm sure it will be a blast!

Also something fun on today's agenda, I'm sure if you follow me on Instagram or Twitter you've seen the pictures of my goof ball fur ball daughter Eleanor! Well she turned five months old on Monday and I've been taking pictures each month to see how big / fat she has gotten lol

Picture Take: (1) December 12, 2012  | (2) February 2, 2013  |  (3) March 14, 2013
Mommy's little camera ham is getting huge but just look how freaking adorable she is! But any who! Let's get on to this week's Friday Favorites!

Favorite Quote:

Favorite Indulgence: Thinking spring! How darling is this outfit! Wonder if I can pull it off with my height?

Favorite Treat: Yes please!

Favorite Shoe: I love that these shoes can be used for simply outfits or dressy outfits! Simply, classic and sexy!

Favorite Laugh: OMG My OCD is screaming right now... Not cool! LOL

What were you digging this week?

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