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Friday Favorites

Happy Friday darlings! I have today off from work but alas I am awake bright and early off to the vet to take little Miss Eleanor to the vet. She has to get her rabies shot and is getting micro-chipped then I'll be heading over to my p-units to color Easter eggs with everyone!

Are you guys doing anything fun for the Easter weekend?

I'm pretty stoked for Easter this year as it's actually suppose to be super nice out so I can finally wear a cute spring dress and strappy heals! Now on to this week's favorites!

Favorite Quote:

Favorite Indulgence: Searching through cute outfit ideas for spring!

Favorite Treat: I need this in my life! Then I could make my own macaroon! OH HAPPY DAY!

Favorite Shoe: I still need these shoes in my life!

Favorite Laugh: HAHA GOT CHA!
Source: Ann Marie on Pinterest

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