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Friday Favorites

Well look who graced us with their presence! 

I expect to have a busy and fun weekend ahead of me. Doing some dress alterations, baking cupcakes, indulging in more french macaroons, dinner with friends and dinner with my in-laws! Yes, this weekend promises to be busy and fun! Plus I must admit I have a new addiction, Game of Thrones! So I'll probably be spending my spare time finishing the first season!

Favorite Quote: Adore her!

Favorite Indulgence: Love this! I've been digging arm candy a lot lately!

Favorite Treat: I am French Macaroon CRAZED right now! Can't get enough of them!

Favorite Shoe: These need to be in my closet ASAP!
Source: via Ann Marie on Pinterest

Favorite Laugh: Teeheehee!!
Source: via Ann Marie on Pinterest

What are your plans for this weekend? 
Do you have a yummy treat you can't get enough of?

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