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Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone! 

Easter Basket with goodies for Gregory, Eleanor and I!

I hope the Easter Bunny was generous to you today! I have a busy & fun filled day planned with both sides of our family. We have Gregory's parents house for a luncheon. Of course little miss eleanor is coming. I have to say she manages to wrap every one around her little paw and knows it! After that we head over to my parent's for dinner.

I have to admit I love holiday. Not just cause it gives me an excuse to dress extra cute or presents but because of all the yummy food you get to consume on that day! Because both Gregory & I's families are large we spend a lot of the holidays going house to house and sometime even eat two to three dinners in a day! HAHA! Not that I'm complaining! Me and Food... well... lets just say we are BFFs! LOL

Today's post I wanted to do a little something different and just share some pictures from yesterday's adventures. Every year the day before Easter we go to my father's church and have our Easter baskets blessed and then go out to lunch with the family.

My Outfit of the Day & Makeup of the Day
Not the best picture of my outfit but I'm working on getting that whole thing figured out! I did get a better picture of my shoes!

My Spring heels. [On my toes: China Glaze :: Tart-y For The Party]

Oh and everyone meet hubby! This is Gregory! Isn't he gorgeous?! Okay, I may be bias but he's my awesome sauce future husband! LOL I've even enlisted his help with photography on my blog so hopefully I'll have more Outfit of the Days and Style type posts...

Gregory & I

Even in heels I'm still incredibly short... LOL

We ended up Lady and the Tramp-ing our cheese fries from Outback. LOL

After we left Outback for lunch I brought my cousin Jenny back to the house with Gregory & I and did a fun manicure on her nails. Sometimes I wish I could do my nails as neat and tidy as I can do other peoples nails.. But I think that is just how it works.

We decided to do a polka-dot manicure for her. She chose to go with Essie's Azure Coat & Aruba Blue! I think they came out super cute & she loved them!

Polka Dot Mani - Essie :: Aruba Blue & Azure Coat

Polka Dot Mani - Essie :: Aruba Blue & Azure Coat

And cause no picture post would be complete without sharing pictures of Miss Eleanor here's some funny ones of her pouting after getting a 10 minute timeout yesterday. She refused to leave her crate till her daddy came and saved her... She really is a drama queen but we wouldn't change her for the world! LOL

How DARE you put me in the time out box Mom!

I am NOT budging till my Daddy gets here...I can't believe you!

No, don't talk to me... I want my Daddy... AND I want him NOW!

See she literally glared and pouted till Gregory came down and rescued her. Oh, and she held the grudge all evening till Daddy put her inside during our bon-fire last night then Mommy was back in her good graces. LOL.

Hope you all have an amazing Easter and
I'll be back tomorrow with another fun and colorful Mani Monday!!

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