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Mani Monday :: Spring Fling [China Glaze - Avant Garden]

Today's Monday started out extra dark and rainy this morning, with the clocks jumping ahead an hour it really made 6:30AM look quite dreadful.. I'm normally a morning person but this morning I was definitely a crabby patty pants (such adult like terms no?) and the commute to work didn't help my mood. I've learned that even though we are Chicagoans no matter what if the roads aren't dry people tend to drive like idiots... Then again who am I kidding... even if the roads ARE dry people still drive like morons.. But that's beside the point!

For this week's mani I felt like switching it up for a change and going colorful. I'm still crushing hard on China Glaze's Avant Garden colors so I decided to use Snap My Dragon and Dandy Lyin Around and add a bit of pizzaz with an glitter nail applique accent nail. 

When I was finished it felt kind of Valentine's Day-ish but non the less I like it and am amused. Don't know if I'll be rocking this for a full week but it makes me think of spring and summer!

What are you rocking on your nails this week?

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