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Manic - Monday?

Good morning everyone!

Now today I normally share what I'm rocking on my nails for the week but with our engagement pictures being taken on Sunday I had my nails painted a nude color (China Glaze - Dress Me Up) and had plans to paint my nails something more fun and spring like. 

Plus I've been doing so well with nail art that I wanted to keep it going but by the time we got home last night for our whirl wind of a Sunday, Gregory & I opted to cuddle up on the couch and watch a movie. So I decided to share some pictures from yesterday with you guys. Enjoy!

Curled my hair Saturday night for Sunday's Engagement pictures!
Almost 8 years together, how I love this man!
Rocking my Penny Chic Classic little black dress!
Eleanor tried stealing Mommy's bride title! 
We have one worn out puppy on our hands!

They aren't the clearest pictures as they were taken zoomed in on my iPhone but I will share the high-res professional pictures when I get them! We had a lot of fun getting our engagement pictures taken and it helped break the ice and make us more comfortable with our photographer Michelle Wodzinski.

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