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Friday Favorites

Hello my darlings! We've finally made it to Friday! Did anyone else feel like this week was dragging?! Well good news is we can finally see the finish line in the distance! Our three day weekend is mere hours away! Plus today marks my two year anniversary on YouTube!


I actually was able to spend sometime surfing Pinterest this week which truthfully probably wasn't the best idea and I now have a three day weekend to play around with some ideas I stumbled across... Or at least that is what I'm telling myself... Truth is I will probably spend my time off relaxing and doing a bunch of randomness... Like partially working on the front patio we want to put in, bake a cake, hang out in the backyard (if its not freezing...) and maybe reorganize my office closet... It's kind of a mess... OK, its a HUGE mess but that's beside the point... at least the door closes right..? But any who... Lets get on with this week's favorites!

Favorite Quote: It's true!

Favorite Indulgence: Yes, please!

Favorite Treat: How cute are these?!

Favorite Shoe: I wonder how long I'll debate ordering these and just buy them cause they are seriously TOO  CUTE!

Favorite Laugh: I can't be the only one who found this funny?!

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