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Friday Favorites

Good morning darlings! Is it just me or has this week felt closer to a month than anything? I seriously spent 90% of yesterday thinking it was Friday... Much to my dismay today is Friday... haha!

But that's okay cause it is now officially the end of the week and Father's Day weekend. Did you remember to get your dad something nice? My sister and I are having a BBQ at my house this weekend for my dad. Now lets just hope the weather cooperates with us!

Favorite Quote:

Favorite Indulgence: My new obsession. Had a sample now I HAVE to go out and buy the bottle! Smells AMAZING!

Favorite Treat: mmmm hummus...YES, please!

Favorite Shoe: How fabulous are these heels?!

Favorite Laugh: This is so me LOL

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1 comment:

  1. that heels is just fantabulous!