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My Life via Instagram V - @NskiBeauty

Yup today's post is a little late.. I have to admit I really thought it was Thursday so I figured I'd share some of my Instagrams for the past week.

  • My newest Audrey Hepburn picture for my office
  • Essie - Nice Try
  • Emmett's Cheese soup! It's so freaking yummy!
  • Franco's - Baked mostacholi & cucumber freaking good!
  • Noodles & Company - Pesto Cavatappi 
  • One of the best things about living in Chicago? Portillo's!
  • Miss Eleanor on her way to the St. Charles Fest. She was quite a hit but then again look at her! She's to cute for her own good.
  • Eleanor meet her first corgi at the dog park! I don't know who was more excited me or her!
  • Eleanor stealing Mommy's water and drinking like a weirdo...
  • Someone is a bit spoiled.. Every time Mommy & Daddy get Starbucks Eleanor gets whip cream.
  • My makeup for my Aunt's 50th birthday party from Saturday
  • Hubby & I rock matching DC shoes.
  • A couple Outfit of the Days from the past few days
  • Finally got my Urban Decay Basics palette. Using this bad boy for my wedding!
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