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My Life via Instagram VII - @NskiBeauty

  • 4th of July Makeup
  • 4th of July Outfit
  • Eleanor in the car on the way to the lake.
  • Eleanor enjoying a huge chunk of ice to fight off the heat.
  • Eleanor & Daddy on the way to the fireworks!
  • Eleanor waking Mommy up. (Little mischief makers.)
  • I reached 2,800 subscribers! THANK YOU!!!
  • Portillo's Birthday Chocolate cake! NOM!
  • Mani Monday - Saran Wrap Bikini Mani
  • China Glaze liked my Mani Monday!!!! (Seriously freaked out!)
  • Took a selfie after having being stuck in a downpour... I was super soggy..
  • Sunny selfie! I seriously LOVE summer!
  • BFF tagged me in the "What I'm Doing Now" tag or #WIDN
  • BFF & I on the 4th.
  • This quote is adorable.
  • Relaxing in bed with a new book.
  • What I woke up to Sunday morning. A girl could get use to this!
  • Enjoyed a fun day of sun on the boat Sunday.
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