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TAG :: Tan Lines

Decided to participate in a new TAG video traveling the YouTube community! There are 15 questions in total.


  1. beach house or lake house?
  2. favorite summer hairstyle?
  3. do you tan or burn?
  4. have you ever gotten a henna tattoo?
  5. bon fires or night swimming?
  6. if you could travel anywhere over the summer, where would it be? why?
  7. bikinis, tankinis, or one piece bathing suits?
  8. summer makeup must-haves?
  9. hottest it's been over the summer where you live?
  10. do you play any sports over the summer?
  11. have you ever had a summer "fling"? (lol if you have i bow down to you.)
  12. number one thing on your summer bucket list?
  13. long hair or short hair over the summer?
  14. do you wear makeup while at the pool? beach? lake?
  15. worst summer memory?

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