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Mani Monday :: OPI - It's Totally Fort Worth It & Black Spotted

Good morning darlings! Can you believe that tomorrow is the first day of October?! One of my favorite time is the year is approaching!! HALLOWEEN!! Oh how I love Halloween!! The candy, the makeup, contemplating costumes and baking all types of goodies.

For this week's Mani Monday we are finally back on schedule and in control of my own nails. I opted to have my nails done for the wedding and got acrylics as well. Well those lasted me about a week and a half and I had to go to the salon to get them removed. I just couldn't handle them any more. LOL

Between the length and having the same color coming close to two weeks was driving me nuts! So I spent the $20 to have the nails properly removed and a manicure which I decided on OPI's Eiffel for the Color that I know I will HAVE to add to my collection at some point soon!

But any who! For this weeks nails I decided to finally try out my OPI - Black Spotted which I laid over OPI's It's Totally Fort Worth It and let me tell you this Black Spotted is everything is cracked up to be!! I do recommend applying it as a thin coat. The thinner the coat the more it spots. Its really freaking cool! (I know really insightful review huh?! LOL) 

*Please excuse the iPhone quality pictures my camera battery was dead. WOOPS!

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