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Wedding Wonders :: Bridal Heels - Traditional White or Pop of Color?

Good morning darlings! I apologize I didn't have a Friday Favorites for this week but like promised I wanted to have a post for you lovely readers to make up for it.

We are exactly one week away from the big day! I can't even begin to explain the level my stress is at. We still have quite a bit to knock out but once we do it will be smooth sailings! I've decided it was time to discuss the next part of our Wedding Wonders saga - SHOES! A girls best friend and was harder for me to decide on then my wedding dress way!

Yes, that's right I had a harder time picking the shoes I am wearing down the aisle then the dress! I no joke purchased FIVE different pairs of shoes before I finally committed to my heels. And I am glad I was so indecisive because when I finally found my perfect pair I swear the planets aligned, the clouds cleared and the sky was endless! Okay... it probably wasn't exactly like that but it definitely felt that way.

The world of fashion has evolved since our grandparents wedding or even our parents weddings. Gone is the day where you HAVE to wear white heels. The traditionalist in me loves the idea of heels. My inner five year old looks on in fear and the bold and crazy part of me is shaking the traditionalist screaming "ADD SOME COLOR TO YOUR LIFE"!

I can't be the only one who completely swooned when Twilight's Breaking Dawn Part 1 debuted Bella Swan's Manolo Blahnik bridal heels?!  I swore that those would be my wedding shoes (that was also before I saw the price tag!) But alas I am also a cheap ass and just couldn't justify spending the $1,295.00 for a single pair of shoes I'd be wearing for a single day of my life. Even with how important that day is unless you got the budget I can't justify that kind of expense. So it was back to the drawing board!

Then I got to thinking well how about black heels?! It fit my color scheme and would definitely be a POP against the white. I collected tons of ideas based on that color all varying in style and pricing. In my perfect dream wedding where budget isn't a issue of course a girl runs head first to a pair of Christian Louboutin's but the reality is who can justify a $925.00 pair of shoes? I tried justifying it with: "Well they are black heels so I can wear them again!" but again Sensible Ann was shaking her head at me so we moved on and I thought a fun and funky pair of Jeffrey Campbell's would be perfect and a not bad at $200.00 (surprisingly the nightwalks are actually easy to walk in & comfortable [for the 10 minutes I had them on LOL]) but the traditionalist in me didn't think it be wise. Cue the Vera Wang heels! A steal at $88.00 but alas Pinterest didn't tell me they were last season's bridal heels and no longer available!

I then started thinking I wanted to rock a classic white pump heel and scooped up a pair of Nine West white pumps from my local Marshals for $30!

I was on the fence about them and wasn't sure if I really liked them but my MOH and our resident How To Hair Guru Jacquelyn Marie vetoed them and threatened to break the heel if I wore them LOL so back to the store they went.

Which brings me to the winning pair of heels... I present to you my precious babies that I am so in love with!

A HUGE thank you to Lola Shoetique for actually carrying a pair of heels that are SPOT ON to my favorite color on the planet TIFFANY BLUE! Granted on their website the heels are labeled "Mint" but that's totally cool! The only different from the ones that are now on the site versus the ones I'll be wearing down the aisle is mine do NOT have the leopard print sole. I was so pleased with the price and know from previous purchased that Lola has great quality. These darlings came home to me at $39.99 plus shipping. Which made my wallet very happy! Plus these bad boys take my height from 5' 1" to close to 5' 11"! (What can I say I'm shorter than all my bridesmaids!) You can buy the heels here: CLICK ME if you want. But there's a twist! These will not be the only shoes I will be rocking. Yup that's right this bride will be doing a shoe change mid day!

Yup that's right this bride will be rocking sky high heels then swapping to tiffany blue Converse! Our entire bridal party down to our flower girls are all wearing Converse! Even my darling soon to be husband will be rocking sneakers (even at the church!) But we've added a twist to it. Our whole bridal party will be wearing the standard low top black converse, hubby is rocking high top PF Flyers (any Sandlot fans in the house?!) and I'll be donning my tiffany blue sneakers! I can't wait to see the full group in just a mere SEVEN DAYS!

So questions time for you darlings:
What would you wear on your wedding day?
Traditional White or Pop of Color?

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