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Mani Monday :: Quite the Spectacle ft: Spellbound Nails

Good morning my darlings! A bit of a different Mani Monday for you this week. I don't normally use indy nail polishes but our resident How To Hair Guru - Jacquelyn Marie introduced me to Spellbound Nail's Halloween collection which is inspired by Hocus Pocus so naturally I had to play with them! There are eight polishes in total for the Halloween season based on two collections. The first is Hocus Pocus and the other is Halloween Thermals and I'm sporting two of the colors today!

Starting off I used Spectacle from Circus By Andrea's Choice which I received in a past Ipsy bag. I applied two coats and love how the color dries matte and super super vibrant!

After allowing Spectacle to dry I applied a thick coat of Amok to my nails.

and finished off with two coats of Firefly from Hell which is a glow in the dark! Of course I didn't think ahead and get a picture of the glow in the dark factory so I apologize. Check in on my Instagram (@NskiBeauty) maybe I'll post a picture of it glowing over there.

Here's the entire collection borrowed from the wonderful Jacquelyn Marie! Special thank you to her for letting me borrow them! = ] You can get the collection here: Spellbound Nails but she currently has the shop closed because the demand for this collection was much high than anticipated. So just hang tight if you want to scoop up your own they are coming back!

Fun Little Side Note: The polishes come with an option for scents! The available scents are: Apple Cinnamon, Pumpkin Pie and Candy Corn unless you don't want a scent then you can get regular old unscented.

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