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Mani Monday :: Busy Girl Nails Winter Challenge Week 4 - Blue

Good morning darlings! I hope you all had an amazing weekend! I apologize for dropping of the face of the earth last week. I'm blaming my girl friend +Kristina Sciame from High on Polish for showing me The Mortal Instruments! I haven't been able to put my Kindle down to do pretty much anything. I haven't even watch any of my TV shows cause I have been so consumed.

This past Sunday we actually had a girls night with +Jacquelyn Marie Hastings as well and got to sit down and watch The Mortal Instruments City of Bones and I have to admit I think I have a HUGE crush on Jamie Campbell Bower... And don't get me started on Lily Collin's outfits in the movie... Can I have some of those transported into my closet STAT?!

But any who lets jump in to the actual point of this post, Mani Monday! This is week three of the Busy Girl Nails Challenge and the theme is BLUE. From the moment I saw this challenge I knew what I was going to be doing for this week's challenge! ...OMBRE!... I seriously love me some ombre!

I was actual armed with all Essie polishes for this one. I seem to have a growing addiction to Essie. I love their formula, application brush and their color range. Plus its easily accessible to me with a Target just a hop, skip and a jump away from my house.

Using Aruba Blue, Mesmerized, Coat Azure, Parka Perfect and Mint Candy Apple. I created the perfect fade out ombre, at least in my opinion. LOL

If you were going for an ombre effect what color would you go with? I'm a suck for blue but think I may have to start branching out and create a rainbow of ombres. After all with nail polish the possibilities are endless!

Next week is the final week challenge! Stay tuned to see with what I come up with next!

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