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Mani Monday :: OPI - I Sing in Color

Good morning darlings! I hope you had an amazing weekend! I feel like I had quite the productive weekend! I rearranged my office (again), picked up an Ikea helmer (red), filmed; edited and uploaded a new video and got a chance to finally swatch OPI's Gwen Stafani collection!

Since I was swatching the collection I thought I'd mix the two posts / and I really liked the color I used last when I finished swatching. Stay tuned to later in the week for the full collection swatches and review.

But for now I wanted to show you I Sing in Color. Which lucky for me Jacquelyn Marie scooped up this color for me by accident and I just happened to fall in love with the awesome color!

I seem to keep switching back and forth from pastels and darks. I don't think my brain can seem to make up its mind what it wants just yet. I guess I'll blame Chicago's goofy weather as we keep alternating between 28 degrees to 45 degrees. LOL

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